Daniel S. Billing

Why Your GitHub Profile Matters More Than Your CV

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In my journey through the tech industry, I've donned several hats, from being a junior and senior developer to my current role as a backend lead. My diverse experience has given me a unique perspective on the hiring process. Having also gained insights into the hiring practices of frontend and app development teams, I want to share my perspective on the significance of a well-maintained GitHub profile when evaluating backend developer candidates.

Traditional Resumes

When I first embarked on my tech career, the evaluation of candidates primarily revolved around examining their resumes thoroughly. These one or two-page documents aim to encapsulate a candidate's professional journey. However, as technology evolved and the tech industry became increasingly dynamic, I began to question the adequacy of this approach.

Traditional CVs tend to fixate on a candidate's past roles and responsibilities, often falling short of showcasing their true potential. Skills, expertise, and passion can't be adequately conveyed through a list of job titles and buzzwords alone. That's where GitHub profiles step in.

Unlocking a Advantage

GitHub provides developers with a dynamic platform to showcase their skills, knowledge, and love for coding. It serves as a comprehensive portfolio of a developer's work, offering an authentic glimpse into their capabilities and interests. Here's why I prioritize GitHub profiles over CVs in the backend developer hiring process:

1. Tangible Proof of Skills

A well-maintained GitHub profile offers tangible evidence of a candidate's coding skills. I can delve into the code they've written, examine their commit history, and assess the quality of their codebase. This provides me with far more insight than a mere list of technologies mentioned on a CV.

2. Commitment to Learning

A candidate's GitHub activity serves as a reflection of their commitment to continuous learning. Are they actively contributing to open-source projects? Do they explore new technologies and frameworks? These traits are essential for backend developers operating in an ever-evolving field.

3. Problem-Solving Abilities

Reviewing a candidate's GitHub projects enables me to gauge their problem-solving abilities. How do they approach challenges? Are they experienced in thinking creatively to find solutions? These insights prove invaluable when hiring for backend roles, where complex issues often take centre stage.

4. Collaboration and Communication

GitHub also provides valuable clues regarding a candidate's collaboration and communication skills. Are they actively participating in discussions, responding to issues, or engaging in code reviews? These aspects are vital in a team-oriented development environment. You might find too much of this unless they are active in open-source projects.

5. Passion and Initiative

Most importantly, a thriving GitHub profile speaks volumes about a candidate's passion for coding and their proclivity for taking initiative. It's a testament that they don't just code for a paycheck but are genuinely invested in their craft.

Guidance for Candidates

If you're a developer looking to make a lasting impression on potential employers, consider these tips to strengthen your GitHub profile:

  1. Keep It Tidy: Organize your repositories meticulously, complete with clear and concise READMEs.

  2. Showcase Versatility: Demonstrate your adaptability by working on diverse projects that utilize different technologies.

  3. Embrace Open Source: Actively contribute to open-source projects to highlight your collaborative work ethics.

  4. Document Thoroughly: Write meaningful commit messages and provide thorough documentation where necessary.

  5. Stay Engaged: Keep your GitHub active by frequently updating it with new projects, commits, and contributions. This showcases your consistent commitment to coding.


As a backend lead with a varied background, I've come to prioritize a candidate's GitHub profile over their traditional CV because it offers a more comprehensive and authentic glimpse into their skills, passion, and potential. While experience remains a valuable asset, a well-curated GitHub profile can be the differentiator when pursuing a development role. So, if you're embarking on a job hunt, invest time and effort in crafting an impressive GitHub presence – it just might unlock the door to your next career milestone.