Daniel S. Billing

I swapped my username

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Note: This article was published over a year ago. Information within may have changed since then. While efforts are made to keep content current, please verify critical details before making decisions based on this information.

I have for the past ~15 years had the username RTRD and I do still have it on Steam. But in the past seven or eight, I have added "Daniel" to the front of it because no one knew how to say it. And this has been stuck with me for a long time.

Now that I have changed my workplace and other life-changing stuff has happened I have come to the realization that I should swap my username. Back in the day, everyone had to "hide" behind a username to protect their identity, but in this day and age information is so much more available and people are more open.

As you can see by the title I wrote "swapped" and not "changed", that's because I have had another alternate username since my early days as a hobby photographer, even before the previously mentioned username. This username is dsbilling and is a combo of my name as you can see at the top of the website. With this username, I feel like it is more me and not something I was attached to 15 years ago, it also makes it look more professional.

This is the start of my blog and I will be posting here either personal, work-related, code, or anything on my mind. Thanks for reading and see you in the next one! ✌️